Metroval’s Flow Laboratory is considered the most modern, versatile and automated in Latin America. In addition, it was the first to work with water and liquid hydrocarbons in Brazil. These characteristics, combined with the 0.04% uncertainty, make it an excellent laboratory reference. The laboratory consists of eight calibration benches, three volumetric operating with three mineral oils of different viscosities, two volumetric with water and three gravimetric.

The Metroval Laboratory is able to calibrate flow meters of various measurement technologies, such as positive displacement, turbines, mass flow meters, magnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, temperature, pressure, density, BS&W among others. Audited periodically by Cgcre, it meets all the ABNT ISO/ IEC 17025 standard requirements, being a member of the Brazilian calibration network (RBC) since 2004.

Another particularity of Metroval Laboratory is its extensive database, containing a history of more than 20 years in records and information of all meters that passed through its calibration benches, allowing the establishment of the ideal periodicity of calibration of each instrument with solid foundations. This data allows us to suggest to customers an optimized program for preventive maintenance or calibration of their equipment.

Metroval offers calibration services in the RBC Laboratory or in the Field with traceability to national standards. Professionals qualified and equipped to perform field services. What we offer to customers: technicians, engineers and metrologists to analyze the best calibration alternative for their measuring instrument, aiming to achieve the most efficient control of their process.

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